The 6 Best Websites for Remote Jobs As a Digital Nomad in 2024

As the digital nomad lifestyle gains traction, finding reliable sources for remote jobs is crucial. Let’s dive into the top six websites for remote jobs and explore tips to help you land that dream gig, allowing you to work from anywhere while exploring the globe.

WebsitesFocusStrengthsBest ForConsiderations
Digital Nomad KitVirtual Assistant focusVA training, supportive community, job boardThose seeking VA work, building their own remote businessNiche focus, some paid services
FlexJobsWide variety of remote jobs (freelance & full-time)Rigorous job screening, reliable listingsThose seeking diverse remote options, prioritizing job qualityPaid subscription required
Working NomadsCurated remote jobsRequires careful search terms; competition can be highNomads seeking work-life balance and supportive employersSmaller selection than general job boards
We Work RemotelyLarge remote job boardExtensive listings across industriesThose wanting maximum job optionsPotential for lower-quality postings mixed in
UpworkFreelance marketplaceFlexible, project-based workNomads with skills in writing, design, development, etc.Companies with a strong remote culture
IndeedMassive job aggregatorHuge selection, easy to useFinding all types of remote workRequires careful search terms, competition can be high

1. Digital Nomad Kit (Queer-Owned)

Digitalnomadkit is a unique resource for aspiring digital nomads. Founded by Hannah Dixon, this queer-owned business champions diversity and inclusion within the remote work space. Their primary focus is empowering individuals to become skilled virtual assistants (VAs), a great path for those seeking location-independent work.

Click here to read more about virtual assistants, what they do, the earning potential, who your clients might be, and whether it might be right for you.

What they offer:

  • Free 5-Day VA Challenge: This is a completely free challenge that will examine your existing skills, what your dream client looks like, how you can best work together, and much more.
  • Virtual Excellence Academy: Get valuable training to launch your remote career as a VA. Training happens multiple times throughout the year, so check the website and get on the waitlist for the next session.
  • Large Alumni Network: Hannah has trained over 31,000 VAs from more than 150 countries, creating a vast network for job seekers and hiring professionals.
  • Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded individuals and find support on your digital nomad journey.
  • Job Board: Access their free job board or utilize their paid tailored matchmaking service to find VA work. is best for you if:

  • You want to become a virtual assistant and build your own remote freelance business.
  • You value a strong community with a focus on the digital nomad lifestyle.
  • You’re interested in hiring skilled VAs or leveraging their matchmaking services.

Note: If you’re seeking a wider variety of remote jobs outside of virtual assistance, consider larger job boards like FlexJobs, Working Nomads, or Indeed, but if you think becoming a virtual assistant is right for you, there’s no better place to get started.

2. Indeed: The Giant of Job Search

Top 5 Websites for Remote Jobs as a Digital Nomad in 2024

Indeed, is a behemoth in the job search world, and its remote job offerings don’t disappoint. Search for opportunities using keywords and filter by criteria like location independence, experience level, and job type.

  • In-Depth Look: Indeed provides a wide array of remote jobs across various fields. Use advanced filters and save searches for a focused, efficient job hunt.

Understanding Indeed

  • The Global Reach: Indeed is used in over 60 countries, with a vast job database that is constantly updated. Its popularity makes it a fantastic starting point for most remote job seekers.
  • Search Tools: Indeed offers excellent filters to narrow down your search. Here’s what you can filter by:
    • Job Type (full-time, part-time, freelance, etc.)
    • Location (filter for fully remote positions)
    • Experience Level (entry-level to executive)
    • Company
    • Salary Estimate
  • Beyond the Job Board: Indeed offers additional resources that can be helpful for digital nomads:
    • Company reviews: Get insights into company culture before applying.
    • Salary comparisons: Estimate salary ranges for roles you’re interested in.
    • Resume builder: Create a basic resume (it’s better to have a more customized one tailored for remote work applications).

Maximizing Your Success on Indeed

  • Key Skills and Keywords: Use keywords related to your specialization within your resume and profile to increase your visibility in searches.
  • Set Job Alerts: Receive new, relevant remote job listings in your inbox so you can be among the first to apply.
  • Look Beyond Popular Searches: More niche job titles or slightly different keywords can often reveal less competitive, suitable opportunities.

Important Things to Remember

  • Competition: Indeed has many users, so tailor your applications and be prompt to stand out.
  • Scams Exist (though less common): Exercise caution with postings that seem too good to be true or require upfront payments. Always research a company before applying.

3. FlexJobs: The Hand-Curated Option

FlexJobs: focuses on quality over quantity. Their listings are all hand-screened to minimize scams. Expect flexible part-time, full-time, and freelance gigs.

  • In-Depth Look: FlexJobs is ideal for digital nomads seeking reliable positions in numerous categories. A paid subscription unlocks the full range of benefits, but it’s worth it to avoid illegitimate listings.

Absolutely! Let’s explore FlexJobs in more detail and explain why it’s a top choice for digital nomads seeking reliable remote opportunities.

What Makes FlexJobs Stand Out

  • Curated Listings: Their biggest advantage is the rigorous screening process for every job posting. This drastically reduces the time you’d spend weeding out scams or low-quality jobs on other platforms.
  • Flexibility Focus: You’ll find a diverse range of flexibility options, including:
    • Remote Jobs
    • Part-time schedules
    • Flexible hours
    • Freelance work
  • Career Support: FlexJobs offers resources beyond the job board:
    • Career coaching
    • Resume reviews
    • Skills tests to showcase your abilities
    • Webinars and blog articles

Ideal Candidates for FlexJobs

  • Professionals seeking flexibility: If remote work, part-time hours, or flexible schedules are important to you, FlexJobs can be a great fit.
  • People concerned about scams: Their focus on legitimacy offers peace of mind, especially if you’re new to remote work.
  • Job seekers valuing support: The additional resources can be helpful during your job search and career development.

Things to Consider

  • Subscription Cost: FlexJobs requires a paid subscription to access their full job board and resources. However, they offer a trial period to let you see if it’s a good fit.
  • Potential Niche Focus: Since job listings are curated, you might find fewer options in highly specialized fields compared to a broader platform like Indeed.

Tips for Using FlexJobs

  • Utilize the Resources: Take advantage of the career development tools to make your profile even stronger.
  • Check the “New Jobs” Section: FlexJobs posts new opportunities regularly, so check this section frequently for fresh listings.

Is FlexJobs Worth It?

If flexibility is a priority and you want to avoid navigating scams, the cost of FlexJobs can be a worthwhile investment. Many digital nomads find the focus on high-quality, legitimate remote jobs and the additional resources extremely valuable.

Would you like more information on any of the other websites, or specific tips for digital nomads when utilizing FlexJobs?

4. Working Nomads: Built for the Lifestyle

Working Nomads specifically serves the digital nomad community. Here, you can find curated remote positions that prioritize flexibility and location independence.

  • In-Depth Look: Working Nomads often features niche, exciting remote jobs that align perfectly with the nomadic lifestyle.

Let’s dive into Working Nomads, the platform specifically tailored for the digital nomad experience:

Why Choose Working Nomads

  • Digital Nomad Focus: Their entire website and job board are designed with the needs of location-independent workers in mind. This means a better understanding of the lifestyle and the types of jobs that are most suitable.
  • Community Aspect: Working Nomads fosters a sense of community with dedicated blog articles, resources, and forums where you can connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Curated Listings: While their job board may not be as vast as Indeed’s, they focus on hand-picked, legitimate remote job opportunities, saving you time sifting through clutter.
  • Unique Opportunities: You might find more niche remote jobs or companies explicitly embracing the digital nomad culture on Working Nomads, that wouldn’t be on other broader platforms.

Who Benefits Most From Working Nomads

  • Dedicated Digital Nomads: If you fully embrace the location-independent lifestyle, you’ll appreciate their focus on work-life balance and location flexibility.
  • Early-stage Nomads: Their community and resources support newcomers in navigating remote work and the nomad lifestyle.
  • Professionals seeking out-of-the-box jobs: Those seeking unique, international, or creative opportunities are likelier to find them on Working Nomads.

Points to Note

  • Smaller Job Board: The selection is more curated but may offer fewer listings than giant sites like Indeed.
  • Community-Driven: The strength of Working Nomads lies as much in its community and resources as it does in the job listings themselves.

Getting the Most Out of Working Nomads

  • Tap into the Resources: Explore their blog, guides, and forums for valuable tips and connections.
  • Narrow Your Search: Look for jobs aligned with your skills and interests, as the curated list makes focused searching effective.

Is It the Right Fit?

If you’re looking for a supportive community and remote opportunities that cater directly to the digital nomad lifestyle, Working Nomads is a fantastic option.

5. We Work Remotely: Remote-Focused Pioneer

We Work Remotely: is a veteran of the remote work space. Its job board boasts a wide variety of quality opportunities across diverse fields.

  • In-Depth Look: We Work Remotely is a tried-and-true resource for finding well-established companies offering remote work in various industries.

Key Features of We Work Remotely

  • Remote Work Pioneer: We Work Remotely has been a prominent name in the remote work space for years, fostering a reputation for trustworthy job listings.
  • Diverse Sectors: You’ll find opportunities across various industries, including tech, marketing, design, customer support, and more.
  • Company Profiles: We Work Remotely lets you explore company profiles alongside job listings. This allows you to research company culture and benefits before applying.
  • Community Focus: They maintain an active blog and resources on remote work, offering practical advice and insights for digital nomads.

Who It’s Best For

  • Job Seekers prioritizing remote-first companies: We Work Remotely often features well-established companies offering remote work, making it a great resource for finding organizations that understand remote work dynamics.
  • Those who value transparency: Company profiles can help you better understand a company’s values and work environment.
  • Remote work advocates: If you’re passionate about remote work, the community aspect and resources can be enriching.


  • Competition: As a popular platform, the competition for specific roles can increase.
  • Not Primarily Freelance: While freelance listings exist, platforms like Upwork cater more specifically to project-based work.

Tips for Using We Work Remotely

  • Refine with Filters: Use their filters to focus on job types, locations (even if remote-focused), and specific categories matching your expertise.
  • Research Companies: Explore company profiles to find organizations that resonate with you.


We Work Remotely is a reliable resource for established digital nomads and those new to remote work. Their focus on company culture and transparency helps you find the right fit.

6. Upwork: The Freelance Marketplace

Upwork is one of the go-to platforms for freelance work. It is perfect for building a portfolio of short-term or project-based gigs that can potentially evolve into longer-term client relationships.

  • In-Depth Look: Upwork caters to digital nomads with independent, skill-based offerings. It’s great for testing the waters in different niches.

Here’s a closer look at Upwork, the leading freelance marketplace for digital nomads:

Understanding Upwork

  • Project-Based Focus: Upwork centers around short-term or long-term projects rather than traditional full-time employment. This provides immense flexibility for setting your own hours and choosing projects that align with your skills.
  • Massive Marketplace: With numerous clients and freelancers, Upwork provides a vast pool of opportunities and potential project leads.
  • Skill-Driven: Upwork emphasizes matching specific skills to projects. Freelancers build profiles showcasing their expertise, making it easier for clients to find the right fit.
  • Bidding System: Freelancers often submit proposals and bids to secure projects. This competitive aspect can influence pricing and how you present yourself.

The Upwork Fit for Digital Nomads

  • Skill Building: Perfect for honing specialized skills and adding diverse projects to your portfolio.
  • Early-Stage Nomads: Upwork is a great way to gain initial remote work experience and potentially build longer-term client relationships.
  • Portfolio Development: Project-based work allows you to build a robust portfolio demonstrating your expertise to potential clients.

Important Considerations:

  • Self-Promotion: Success on Upwork demands strong self-marketing skills as you compete for projects.
  • Pricing Strategy: Developing a solid pricing strategy is important. Balance competitiveness with valuing your work.
  • Client Communication: Excellent communication and project management abilities are crucial for building client trust.

Navigating Upwork Effectively

  • Optimize Your Profile: Highlight your most relevant skills, experience, and completed projects.
  • Start Small: Bid on smaller projects initially to build your reputation and get positive reviews.
  • Customize Proposals: Avoid generic bids; tailor your proposal for each project to showcase your unique suitability.

Is Upwork Right for You?

Upwork is a great choice for digital nomads who are self-starters, comfortable with acquiring their own clients, and thrive on showcasing skills to win exciting projects.

Methodology for Selection for Websites for Remote Jobs

These websites were chosen based on:

  • Job variety: Offering diverse roles for various skill sets.
  • Reputation: Known for legitimate, reliable listings.
  • Search functionality: User-friendly filtering and search options.
  • Focus on remote/location-independent work: Prioritizing the needs of digital nomads.

Tips: Dos and Don’ts


  • Tailor your resume: Highlight remote work experience or skills that demonstrate independent working skills.
  • Optimize your profiles: Use keywords relevant to your field on job board profiles.
  • Network: Connect with other digital nomads in online communities.


  • Limit yourself: Explore multiple platforms to maximize opportunities.
  • Forget cover letters!: Customize them to show your suitability for remote work.
  • Settle for less: Don’t undersell your skills and experience.

The Takeaway

Becoming a successful digital nomad starts with finding the right job opportunities. This curated list, along with the tips, will give you the edge you need to succeed in your job search.

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